Biography of Poppy Mercury~The Singer Memories

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For all buddies especially 90s generation will have heard the name of Poppy Mercury. Maybe also my friend all the fans of the famous female singer in the early 90s, he has a distinctive sound very melodious, famous songs is letter of invitation and Hearts Who Tak Luka.

Phenomenal singer's homage to slow rock died in a relatively young age is 21 years old when his name is booming in the country music scene of the 90s. Regarding profiles and biographies Poppy Mercury, he was born with the original name Poppy Yusfidawaty that became known by the name Poppy Mercury. He was born on November 15, 1973 in Bandung. He was the fifth child of seven brothers Johan and Titi Kemal pair Supiyati.

Childhood Poppy Mercury
In childhood Poppy Mercury began in elementary school Padjadjaran Bandung then continue their education in SMP Negeri 9 Bandung, and there he graduated from high school and then entered in the KORPRI Bandung.
Poppy Mercury
Since school Poppy Mercury is known to have a happy singing and melodious voice, but that he was known adept at playing several instruments call Piano and guitar as well. After graduating from high school, he did not continue his studies at the college, he prefers to work in the Bank The Bank for 4 years. Here then Poppy Mercury singing talent increasingly uphill starts from US band he joined Bank.

Music career and Launch First Album
Musical career woman who is known to always look simple and low profile fast rising, his first single titled Too morning that came out in 1990, then in 1991, he was then a duet with the singer from Malaysia namely Saleem Climate in the song titled Fantasia Bulan Madu and Saints In Dust 'and then finally Poppy Mercury launched her first album titled Between Jakarta and Penang followed by letter of invitation in 1992 and late he's been and Between You and Me in 1993.

In 1994 Poppy Mercury then launched another album that sounds more pop than previous album are more slow rock, titled Let Me Go until later in 1995 his last album came out, entitled Heart Who Tak Luka and Impossible separated.

Music Show Last
1995 represents the pinnacle of fame of Poppy Mercury and also the final year of Poppy Mercury. Show her music at the Fair in the city of Padang on August 2, 1995 is the last show of the singer who has a very melodious voice. Before leaving the health condition of Poppy Mercury was not possible, he did want to plan to cancel the show, but organizers of the event will explain a lot of fans are disappointed if the concert is canceled and finally his Poppy continue the show.

Poppy Mercury award
  • BASF Awards 1991 nominations, Album Between Jakarta and Penang
  • 2 HDX 1992 Awards, album Letter of Invitation (Alone Again)
  • BASF Awards 1993, the single Hurricane Asmara
  • Favorite Songs Video Music Indonesia in 1994, the album Let Me Go
  • Awards HDX 1994 album Let Me Go
  •  Awards HDX 1995 album Heart Who Tak Luka
  • Between Jakarta and Penang (1991)
  • Letter of Invitation (1992)
  • Already Too Late (1993)
  • Between You He and I (1993)
  • Let Me Go (1994)
  • Hearts Who Tak Luka (1995)
  • Separated Impossible (1995)
  • Too Early (1990)
  • Fantasia Bulan Madu (Feat Climate Saleem) (1991)
  • In the holy Dust (Feat Climate Saleem) (1991)
  • I hold the World (Feat Abiem Ngesti) (1992)
  • Hurricane Asmara (Constraint Love) (1993)
  • Between tragedy Kuala Lumpur Penang (1994)
  • What a pity I thee (1994)
  • Mama I Want You Home (1994)
  • Satukanlah Our Hearts (1995)
  • Tears So Witness (1995)

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