Four Minus Natural Ways to Reduce Your Eyes

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Minus gorgeous eyes and should be framed glasses will certainly reduce your charm. But you need not worry, there are some natural ways to reduce minus your eyes. Here's how to naturally reduce eye minus, as quoted from namely:
Four Minus Natural Ways to Reduce Your Eyes
Doing exercises
Eye eye exercises you can do every day. Eye exercises useful to train your eye kefokusan. Eye exercises you can do, such as viewing objects at different distances, wink normally (not too fast and slow), eyes closed with the palm of the hand, and then look at moving objects with just one eye only.

Eating vegetables and fruits
If you want eye minus down naturally, then you are advised to eat foods that are good for the eyes. The food was good for eye health, among others, salmon, avocado, garlic and red, eggs, spinach, carrots, orange juice, and green leafy vegetables and other fruits are good for eye health.

Enjoy the natural landscape to soothe the eyes, you can see the natural scenery. You can start touring around you and see the atmosphere outside. Your eyes will be fresh and fresh.

Using glasses with lenses polarized sunglasses therapy is great for reducing glare.

Maintain eye health and avoid triggers eye is minus its best efforts to avoid eye minus. Healthy living fun.

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