Keep Fit And Healthy With Food Combining During Fasting

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Food combining may be an alternative if you want a more healthy and energetic while fasting. Food combining is mixing and matching the type of food that is suitable or not suitable for every element of the food. Blends of animal and vegetable protein, vegetable and korbohidrat is a matching option. And is not recommended for you combine animal protein with carbohydrates. because it is not in accordance with the rules of food combining.
Keep Fit And Healthy With Food Combining During Fasting
So that you can successfully implement food combining, as quoted from when running fast, you need to apply some of the following:

1. At the time of the meal try to eat the fruits are rich in fiber, with 2-3 kinds of fruit. By combining the expected 2-3 pieces you can meet your nutritional needs.

2. After eating fruit, you can eat the carbohydrates but never combine them with animal protein. Choose the combination of carbohydrates with fresh vegetables.

3. Drinking water, are slowly while waiting for the time imsyak. Do not drink water in a hurry, in order to encourage fast food into the stomach. This can make the food can not be digested completely.

4. Avoid foods and drinks that contain preservatives, which are not good for your nutritional balance.

5. When breaking, drinking and eating that contain natural sugars. Avoid drinks and foods containing added sugar, such as milk and honey. And start by eating fruits

6. Eat by way of food combining, by combining animal protein with carbohydrates. To fit the taste, you can eat the vegetables were cooked slightly. If it is difficult to eliminate the habit of eating carbohydrates, you can start with a simple menu that is preparing vegetable carbohydrates and protein, plus vegetable menu.

By paying attention to your diet based on the principles of food combining, the digestive system as a whole will be maintained and remain optimal. And you do not need to worry about the body that are less fit when running fast. Good luck.

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