Myth Or Fact: Not Eat Can Help Lose Weight

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Most people who diet as much as possible will try to reduce the size of the meal and did not even eat at night. How to pass the time eating and decided not to eat it is still believed to help you lose weight quickly.
Myth Or Fact: Not Eat Can Help Lose Weight
But is that not eating to lose weight? As quoted from, although it seems more calories will be burned when you do not eat, but in fact the body still requires energy to keep the body and can be used as skipping meals or not eat even a bad influence for your body. Do not eat no good and bad sides.

The good side
If you follow the rule not to eat but still consider the nutritional intake, such as fasting Ramadan, it could be a positive impact on health. Research shows that people who are overweight are diet with regular fast way to lose weight significantly.

Not only that, other benefits can lower cholesterol levels, blood sugar levels, boost immunity and reduce the potential for inflammation in the body. In this way, not eating will help you lose weight with your records do not overeat when breaking fast.

The bad side
Do not eat during the day will make you want to eat more when the time you eat. When the delay time of this meal blood sugar levels to rise and decreased concentration levels. This can actually disrupt your daily productivity because the brain does not receive enough energy to work optimally.

So, the decision could be assessed not eat healthy, can also damage the health, depending on how you skip a meal and how many servings you eat while facing the next meal.

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