5 Powerful Ways Avoid Stomach Bloating

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The sensation of abdominal bloating make you uncomfortable. For women, bloating may occur in the days ahead of the coming months. This is caused by fluctuations in hormone levels. Foods such as beans, cabbage, are foods that can produce excess gas in the body. Here's how to cope with bloating as quoted namely:
Eat slowly
Eating slowly will prevent you to swallow air. Eat relaxed, so that the food can be digested completely.

Avoid fizzy drinks
If you want to reduce bloating, do not drink soft drinks because these beverages will trigger bloating in your stomach.

Avoid raw vegetables
Eating raw vegetables such as broccoli and cabbage will increase the gas in your body. Avoid these foods.

Sport activity 30 minutes a day will keep you from bloating. The food is digested by the body will move faster.

Reduce stress
Stress can affect your digestion so that it will increase the amount of gas in the body. Thinking more relaxed will keep your body from bloating.

^^Keeping a diet is very important for your health. Regular exercise can also keep you from disease, including abdominal bloating. Good luck.

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