5 Tips on food combining for bride

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Diet usually a regular ritual performed by the bride and groom. Moreover, if the goal is not to perform excellent in pre-wedding photos and while wearing a wedding dress . Unfortunately, many brides are even so stressed when running the diet, and not a few who have increased the weight back.
5 Tips on food combining for bride
If you want to avoid the effect of yo-yo dieting, do not get stuck with an unhealthy diet. Try to keep the weight with food combining. With a healthy diet, the nutrients into the body under control and you do not need to starve themselves. Ready to try a healthy diet with food combining? Consider the following tips, ladies.

1. Timely
The best meal hours are 12.00 till 20.00, at 20.00 due to the passing of the body is entering a phase of absorption until 04.00. Subsequently 04.00 until 12.00 an exhaust phase.

Keep mealtimes. It is very important to familiarize the body with the 'schedule' regular metabolism. When the activity was dense-denseness, prepare the food in the container so that mealtimes can always keep.

2. Clean Body
Start the day by drinking a glass of warm water with a mixture of lemon or lime juice without sugar. This way both serves as a detox and liver tonic. Besides these drinks can also provide a fresh taste in the morning and turn on the metabolic system.

3. Breakfast
From morning until 12:00 body will remove metabolic waste therefore consume foods that are easily digested will be very helpful. Consumption of fruit slices that contain lots of fiber because the fruit has the ability to more easily digested. Avoid fruits like durian and jackfruit.

5. Food interlude
At 4:00 pm, the consumption of 1-2 bananas (without being processed first) or symmetric pulses that are not fried (roasted enough). Nuts proved to be good because it is rich in fiber and provide benefits to prevent premature aging

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