Alert Diabetic Retinopathy In Diabetic Patients

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Diabetes is a disease with complications that can be life-threatening. One of the complications of diabetes mellitus are known as diabetic retinopathy can eliminate the sufferers eyesight if not treated immediately. Diabetic retinopathy is a disorder in the retina of the eye due to complications of diabetes.
Retipopati diabetic eye can cause the fragile new blood vessels rupture so that there is bleeding, neural networks attract the eye, and retinal detachment. If all that has happened means you have diabetic retinopathy include severe (type proliferative). Expectations of postoperative retinal detachment vision in general is usually bad, especially in the case of tractional retinal detachment caused by diabetes mellitus .

Abnormalities in the retina that already exist is hard to be good, so that the retina is still okay that sought to be maintained as long as possible. For those who live with diabetes, do not be lazy control although your eyes no complaints. Usually the doctor will be called on to check the eyes of at least once a year to avoid this complication. Ocular complications usually occurs in patients who developed diabetes over 5-10 years, depending also on whether or not control blood sugar well.

In principle the handling lies in the management of diabetes, a disorder in his eyes as a result of secondary or diabetes, not the primary or purely abnormalities in the eye. Handling of diabetic retinopathy is not easy. And prognosis / expectations vision usually is not good.

Hopefully, people with diabetes or a family can be more aware of the complications of diabetes that this harm. For treatment and therapy you can consult with a physician consultant eye vitreoretina sub specialties who are experts in this regard.

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i did not know that diabetes affect eyes as badly
thank you so much for insightful article


Também tenho diabetes :)
Beijinho grande no coração


I had heard that diabetes could effect eyesight, but hadn't realised how severely.
Thank you so much for this very important information. I think it will help many people.😊😊


Boa chamada de atenção para as pessoas com diabetes.
Uma boa semana.
Um beijo.


This is helpful information.Thank you.


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