How to Shrink Stomach In Women Naturally Without Sports

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Actually, to shrink the stomach this needs to be done with a combination of healthy diet and exercise. Unfortunately, not everyone likes and had time to do exercise to shrink the stomach. How to shrink the bloated stomach can also be done using a variety of belly slimming products ranging natural products or that chemical.
How to shrink the bloated stomach in women
To shrink a distended abdomen in women in general is not much different from shrink the stomach in males, the following example

1. Reducing unhealthy food
Fatty and fried foods can make the stomach becomes more distended. It certainly should be avoided if you want a flat stomach back. Replace these foods with healthier foods eg vegetables, soybeans, and fruit. Some foods that look healthy but should be avoided by the distended, among others:

2. Foods with artificial sugar
Foods with artificial sweeteners such as cakes, soft drinks, and the like should be avoided because it is not good if consumed too much.

3. Fruit juice
Fruit juice does seem to be healthy because it contains fruit, but fruit juice is added sweetener would be different abortion, especially given preservative. If you want to get perfect benefits of fruit then you should immediately take fresh fruit without being processed. Processing the fruit tends to reduce the content of vitamins and other vital substances.

4. Margarine
Margarine is made into delicious food and many consider it a fairly healthy foods. But for those who have belly fat then margarine should be avoided because it can make the stomach becomes distended increases.

5. Bread
Nothing wrong with eating bread once in a while, but for those who are overweight, the bread should be avoided. A bread contains a lot of carbohydrates, sugar, and fat.
Foods that help shrink the bloated stomach

There are some healthy foods that are suitable for use as a way to shrink the bloated stomach without exercise. Healthy foods include:

1. Eggs
Eat eggs one point in the morning then it can make a hungry stomach is not easy. But this is not so good for people with cholesterol, so it should first check cholesterol levels.

2. Apples
Apples contain fiber and anti-cancer food. Consumption of apple every day can help us shrink the stomach.

3. Vegetable Soups
Soups containing plenty of vegetables is certainly very good for those who are on a diet. Make a vegetable soup for lunch or breakfast daily.

Doing activities such as exercising
How to shrink the stomach naturally should indeed be done by exercising in addition to maintaining a healthy diet. If you do not have time to do specific sports, then a lot of other activities that can be applied as a substitute for exercise, such as walking while going to the office or biking when going shopping. At home, activities such as sweeping and watering flowers can also keep in shape.

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