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A vegetarian diet is not only beneficial to health, but also be a way to show our concern for all beings. Currently no day without a natural disaster occurring in a corner of the world.  According to the New York Times study, animals have a larger carbon footprint than with vegetables. Basically, beef produces 24 times the greenhouse gas emissions than vegetables.

Type Vegetarian
Vegetarian is a term for people who choose not to eat meat at meals. In practice, this diet vegetarian diet provides many benefits for health. One benefit is that you will feel able to lose weight. However, the benefits of a vegetarian diet is dependent on the type of food consumed.

Being a vegetarian is not difficult. There's no doubt that a vegetarian diet is very healthy, including for pregnant women and children. People who reduce their intake of animal protein and increase vegetable protein, will tend to reduce fat and cholesterol and increase fiber consumption. Not all adherents of vegetarian diet the same.

Maybe some people just think that people who do not eat meat, including vegetarian. Poadahal in fact, vegetarians are divided into several types. As for the types of vegetarians in question is as follows.

Vegan is a term for a pure vegetarian. This one type of vegetarian that does not eat any meat, including products from animals, such as eggs, milk, honey, and even processed products. This one kind of vegetarian, usually also avoid the use of animal products, such as wool and silk.

Raw Vegetarian
Raw vegetarian is a type of vegetarian that only eat vegetables, fruits, grains, and beans are not cooked or processed first. For raw vegetarian, raw food is healthier than cooked food. This is because the raw food still contains a lot of vitamins and minerals than cooked food.

Fruitarians is a type of vegetarian who only consume nuts and fruits, especially those that fall straight from the tree. Although sometimes have to strum or pick the fruit from the tree, at least it's done correctly without damage or kill the tree.

Ovo-lacto Vegetarian
Ovo-lacto vegetarian is never consume food derived from animals. However, this type of vegetarians still eat dairy products, such as eggs (ovo) and dairy (lacto). Therefore, this type is called Ovo-vegetarian Lacto vegetarian. There are also groups ovo-lacto vegetarians who only eat eggs or egg outside her veggie food.

This type of vegetarian pescatarian did not take products derived from animal. Even so, this group chose fish, fisheries as a substitute for daily consumption of meat separately. In addition, a pescatarian sometimes also consume eggs and milk.

Transitional Vegetarian
Transitional vegetarians do not eat meat only at certain moments. This is because, the type of vegetarian is difficult to become a pure vegetarian. To that end, this type of vegetarians do it gradually. Sometimes the vegetarian type are included in social groups vegetarian. This group became vegetarian only to honor his friend who is a vegetarian

Diet menu Vegetarian
Vegetarian diet is a healthy lifestyle that tends to be low cholesterol, low fat, and saturated fat. Thus, it will reduce the risk of type 2 diapetes and coronary artery disease.

Despite being a vegetarian diet, you should be able to deal with the food menu, so that a complete nutritional composition. For example, replace meat with other protein sources are animal bob. In this case, soybeans became one food alternatives. This is because, soy is a food that has a protein content similar to meat.

So in fact, become a vegetarian does not mean to be a lack of protein, but must look for alternative protein pandaio. Those that include vegetarian, try to consume the contents of the mushroom burger and vegetables. Milk, soy, tofu, tempeh, and red beans.

In addition to protein, a vegetarian should also look for sources of other nutrients, such as omega-3, vitamin B, vitamin D, and calcium that are usually found in fish. Vtamin D and calcium bida obtained by eating cheese (milk that has been fortified. Recommended also to cultivate green vegetables, such as cabbage.

When this has been a lot of cereal products fortified with vitamin B-12 and D. menu like this is perfect for breakfast as a vegetarian diet. Then, for a source of iron can be obtained from fortified cereals, nuts, beans, spinach, and tofu.

Furthermore, for omega-3, can you perolah in food, such as oil, certain vegetables, and nuts. For example, by eating a salad. A healthy salad is a salad mixed with seed oil lenen. Thus, salad you eat contains omega-3. Nuts that contain omega-3, namely lentils, green beans, and peanut mottle.

Another thing to note when a vegetarian diet is changing cooking oil with soybean oil or canola oil. Then, because of the limited choice of food, a vegetarian should know about the process of absorption of food. Do not let the diet that you do fail, because the absorption of nutrients into the body is inhibited.

There are several types of foods and beverages that can affect the absorption of nutrients, such as coffee and tea. Meanwhile, you have to multiply menginsumsi fruits and vegetables that contain vitamin C, as it will accelerate the process of absorption of nutrients into the body.

Benefits of a Vegetarian Diet
Vegetarian diet is believed to provide many health benefits of pelakuknya. One benefit is prevented from various types of degenerative diseases, such as coronary heart disease, high cholesterol, hypertension, acid uratm cancer, and diabetes.

The diseases mentioned above, usually triggered by a diet high in animal fat, salt, protein, high-sugar, but low in fiber. Meanwhile, the vegetarian diet is very low intake of animal products. A vegetarian diet also allows the body to get a lot of vitamins and minerals. In the body, minerals and vitamins play a role to organize, preserve, and maintain a healthy body.

In addition, the vegetarian diet can prevent the body from risk of respiratory tract cancer. This is because foods high in fiber sources. Thus, when the healthy body of a variety of diseases, especially diseases caused by viruses can be avoided.

Disadvantages Vegetarian Diet
Although it has many benefits, but the vegetarian diet also poses some disadvantages. One is a shortage of some mineral elements that can not be met only by vegetable products.

There is no single food that can provide all the nutrients your body needs. For example, the perpetrators of vegetarian diet that eliminates food sources of vitamin B-12 and prosuk sus. Though both of these foods are good sources of calcium to the body. Of course this makes vegetarian dieters at risk of calcium deficiency and vitamin B-12.

To meet the need for vitamin B-12 and calcium, vegetarian dieters should eat foods rich in calcium and vitamin B-12. Calcium and vitamin B-12 you can get from soymilk, cereals, tempeh, tofu, and soy yogurt.

Most people follow a vegetarian diet for avoiding various diseases. But whatever the reason, you should be able to pay attention to diet properly, so that the nutrients the body needs to stay awake.

Thus, a vegetarian diet is not the same as the usual diet. To that end, for those who intend to vegetarian diet would not hurt if looking for as much information related to this diet. It aims, in order that you run a vegetarian diet can be successful and feel its benefits.

Thus articles on vegetarian diet. Ranging from the types of vegetarians, vegetarian diet up to the benefits and disadvantages of a vegetarian diet. Hopefully the information presented is useful for readers.

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