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White face is a beauty capital for every woman. However, getting the white face is certainly not easy. Want to do a facial treatment to the doctor, but there was no time. There is time to do a facial treatment to the doctor, but it costs very much. Instead of puzzling over these things, why do not you try a variety of natural masks to whiten the face?
Facial Mask
Masks to whiten the face naturally
Using a variety of drugs to whiten face myriad sold in the market is certainly very tempting. Maybe you'll get a white face in an instant, but if the content inside the drug is safe enough to be used to face? Following are the various masks to whiten the face naturally is certainly safe to use on your face:

Natural fat content in avocado can make your skin dry become moist. In addition, when added to milk, can make your face become bright and white. The way to make this easy avocado mask. Mash avocado fruit to taste, then mix with 1 egg yolk and milk to taste to have the texture you want. Stir until smooth and then smeared face like using the mask evenly and let sit for approximately 15 to 30 minutes. After that, rinse with water until clean.

Papaya is believed efficacious to rejuvenate the skin and dead skin cells. If the dead skin cells on the face lifted, slowly your face will become more white, smooth, and fast. How to make a mask of papaya is to smooth the 50 to 100 grams of papaya (can be smoothed using a blender) and then add a little honey pure. Apply this mixture evenly to your face and wait a few minutes to dry. Rinse or remove a mask using a washcloth with warm water until clean.

Lemon fruit rich in vitamin C can moisten and whiten your skin. In addition, the lime also contains anti-irritants that can be used to prevent acne, remove acne scars, and reduce levels of excess oil on the face. How to create a mask using lemon is to mix lemon juice as much as one to two pieces into egg whites that have been whipped stiff. After that, and apply to face up evenly and wait until dry. Rinse with water to clean and see the results.

Melon and watermelon
Besides good to eat, melon and watermelon can make the skin become white. The levels of water content in the melon and watermelon that many can moisturize the face. This mask is suitable for you who have dry skin. The trick, melon puree 100 grams and 100 grams of watermelon (using a blender) cotton to absorb the result of a mixture of melon and watermelon, then put it in the face. Repeat until all the areas covered faces. Let stand for 15 minutes and you can rinse your face with water until clean.

Using natural mask to whiten the face is a little hassle because you have to prepare all the ingredients beforehand. But it will be comparable with the results you get. Do not sacrifice your face using facial bleach with chemicals that are not necessarily safe to use. Better bother fewer than sorry later on.

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