How to Take Care of Hair Naturally With Coconut Milk

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Hair is the crown, Has bushy hair, long, shiny, and healthy would be a dream for every woman. However, hair care is not easy. Various kinds of hair care too much to offer and you must be smart in choosing which one suits your hair type. In addition, often polish, or use a blow dryer can make your hair is damaged. Instead of using hair care with these chemicals, why you do not choose how to care for your hair naturally only?
Coconut Milk
The natural way to care for your hair to remain healthy
Buddy Ayla, who has a taste savory coconut milk can not only be used as an ingredient to cook or make food only. Turns milk can also be used as a natural way to treat hair us. The content contained in coconut milk can reliably be used to treat the beauty of your hair. Listed below are some of the benefits of coconut your hair.

To repair damaged hair
Oil content and nutrients in coconut milk can be used to provide moisture from the roots to the tips of the hair so the hair is damaged can be repaired. The way is with coconut milk dripping into the hair and scalp massage a few minutes. After that, use a towel to wrap the hair and let sit for approximately 20 minutes. Wash then use the shampoo as you normally do. This method is believed to make the hair regardless of damage, dry and brittle, and improve hair health.

As a conditioner
The content of natural oils present in coconut milk makes it can be used as a natural conditioner so that the hair feels softer and easier to manage. You do this by using coconut milk to your hair after shampooing and leave it to dry. Your hair will be easy to set up and feels soft. In addition, if you are having matted hair, you only use a few drops of coconut oil into your hair and your hair can be unraveled with a beautiful back.

Eliminates dandruff
Dandruff hair that sometimes makes you not confident to show off your hair. Dandruff in the hair occurs because of an unbalanced pH and the presence of bacteria that causes flaking of the scalp. To cope with dandruff, you should use the hair care ingredients that can restore the pH balance of hair. coconut milk pH similar to the pH of the scalp can be used as an alternative. You can mix half a cup of coconut milk with half a glass of coconut water and one glass of pineapple juice, is then used to wash the hair. After that, you can clean it by using a shampoo as usual.

Those are some ways to treat hair naturally using coconut milk. Use the original coconut milk from coconut juice is still not mixed with other ingredients. Perform routine and regular, healthy and beautiful hair then can you get.

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