6 Ways to avoid diabetes

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Diabetes is a serious condition that is measured by the potential health consequences. Long-term effects of this disease include heart disease, stroke, kidney disease, diabetic eye disease , and many more.
Although diabetes mellitus is a chronic disease that does not cause death directly, but can be fatal if not managed appropriately. Diabetes management requires a multidisciplinary treatment that includes a non-drug therapy and drug therapy. If you have diabetes, here are eight tips that can help reduce the chances of developing these complications.

1. One of the most important elements in controlling diabetes, especially type 2 , is to have a healthy diet. Restricting diet will help maintain the balance of insulin and blood sugar properly. Carbohydrates can be consumed, but only in the right form. Your diet should be rich in whole grains, legumes, fruits and fresh vegetables.

2. Health problems and weight gain is closely linked. Maintain proper weight will help your body control blood sugar, which is the source of a problem for diabetics. Keeping the weight is also important in controlling blood pressure. You need to reduce your calorie intake exactly to the amount the body needs to function properly.

3. Exercise is important for everyone , especially for those with diabetes. Though not necessarily heavy, about 30 minutes of physical activity every day will help you maintain your weight, lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Exercise can even allow you to reduce the consumption of your diabetes medicine and thus help you to deal with your condition in a more natural way.

4. Bad habits can worsen diabetes, so you should consider if involved or not involved at all. Excessive alcohol consumption can affect blood sugar levels. Smoking also increases the risk of complications of diabetes by affecting blood pressure and reduced circulation in the legs. Adequate rest is important for diabetics because sleep affects human metabolism.

5. Lack of sleep can increase the body's desire to consume high carbohydrate foods, which then can disrupt blood sugar levels. Eight hours of sleep every night is a peaceful way for diabetics to stay healthy.

6. Stress can affect blood sugar levels. If you have diabetes, you need to avoid stress as much as possible. Meditation, yoga and certain breathing exercises can relax the mind and body, helping him to function properly.

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