Benefits of Vitamin E for Skin and Fertility

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During this popular E vitamin known to treat and overcome various skin problems. Do not get hung up on that, because now many are using it to overcome fertility problems in men. Vitamin E is an important substance that can support the performance of organs. This substance also have antioxidant effects that can protect cells from damage. Even so, the benefits of vitamin E supplements that have been associated with skin and fertility is still not entirely certain.
Vitamin E
Discussion on Benefits of Vitamin E that fact
Already many years that the antioxidants found in vitamin E can make the skin more healthy or can cope with a wide range of conditions related to the skin. Some manufacturers of beauty products is finally adding vitamin E to the composition. However, it is the trust that has been circulating in the community is not fully if viewed in terms of further medis. Here's the explanation:

Wrinkles. Surely you've seen a variety of creams or anti-aging supplements that contain vitamin E (antioxidant) in the market. Antioxidants is to be excellent in the world of beauty because it is said to protect the skin from free radical damage. Several studies have indeed discovered the health benefits of antioxidants. But the anti-aging benefits of vitamin E in supplement form has not been proven.

Sunburned skin. Eating or applying vitamin E alone can not prevent your skin from burning after exposure to UV light.

Scar after surgery. Some studies have found that applying vitamin E can not reduce postoperative scar. Further research is still needed on the effect of vitamin E on the incision

Red and itchy skin (eczema). Taking vitamin E has not been demonstrated to be effective in dealing with the skin condition eczema sufferers.

Skin cancer (melanoma). There is no strong enough scientific results in proving the effect of vitamin E can prevent skin cancer melanoma.

Vitamin E is also thought to be overcome male fertility due to the antioxidants contained therein is considered to improve the quality of sperm that were damaged by free radicals. Even so, there are differences in the results of research on the efficacy of vitamin E in dealing with male fertility.

Several studies have shown positive results, but there are a few studies that found no such benefit. Therefore, further research is still needed on the effects of vitamin E on the level of male fertility.

Lack of vitamin E actually rare, and if any case, it seems more INIA conditions experienced by those who do very low-fat diet, has indigestion, or suffering from cystic fibrosis (a deadly disease that can damage the digestive system and lungs).

Utilizing Vitamin E
The use of vitamin E should not be arbitrary because consumption who do not follow the rules could have a negative impact body. Following procedures for the use of vitamin E:

Do not use excessive doses. Vitamin E may not be safe when taken in high doses equivalent to 400 IU or more, especially if you have diabetes or heart disease. According to some studies, high doses of vitamin E might increase the risk of serious side effects, even death. Daily dose of vitamin E recommended is a 22.4 IU (for ages 14 years and over).

Excessive doses can cause diarrhea, abdominal cramps, nausea, fatigue, headache, bruises, rashes, bleeding and blurred vision.

Avoid taking them in conjunction with a multivitamin. Some studies have found that taking supplements of vitamin E and many other multivitamin supplements might increase the risk of prostate cancer in some men. For that, you better guard by not taking both simultaneously. Note the dose supplements you consume.

Not everyone is friendly with vitamin E. There are some people who should avoid vitamin E or at least consult first before taking supplements of vitamin E such as pregnant women, patients with stroke, deficiency of vitamin K, has a bleeding disorder, patients with head and neck cancer, are taking any medications certain want to perform the operation.

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