Cavities in Children

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Many of the problems in the teeth, such as cavities, porous, grows out of place and others that could have been prevented by performing maintenance and routine checks at the dentist since childhood. Cavities or dental caries is one of the most common infectious diseases occur in children. children who frequently eat candy or drinks that are too sweet has a tendency to develop cavities than other children.
Cavities in Children
The cause of cavities
Every day children eat food caught in the teeth and do not disappear when brushing teeth, food will rot and mixed with existing bacteri mouth and form plaque on the teeth. This happens especially at night because of diminished salivation. Plaque can cause irritation to the teeth. and eventually can cause cavities (caries). Also often eat sugar or carbohydrate-containing sweeteners and scarcity of toothbrushes are factors that cause cavities

Symptoms of cavities in children
Child complained of pain / pain in the teeth, swelling of the gums, and seen a small hole in his teeth. If not treated, it will form an abscess / pus on perforated teeth and can eventually lead to tooth loss. If the child still has baby teeth (not fixed or permanent teeth) and perforated, then no need to worry because it will be replaced with a new permanent teeth. but when it grows permanent teeth and cavities, it will be difficult. Nevertheless, children with milk teeth cavities also need to be treated to the dentist.

What to do if your child's teeth cavities
When the child's teeth cavities, immediately take the child to the dentist. The doctor will check and patch. If too severe, so the holes until the tooth root, tooth root treatment may be necessary. Bring the child to the dentist every 6 months for the treatment and control starting from the age of 1 year. Familiarize your child get used to regular brushing one time every day at 6 to 24 months, then 2 times a day over 24 months. Parents do not get children to consume excess carbohydrates and sugar (like sweets, chocolate or biscuits). besides the parents also do not give beverages such as fruit juice or milk with sweetener before the child slept.

Is the need to contain Fluoride Toothpaste
Fluoride is actually required by the teeth in order to be stronger and not perforated. Only for children under 4 years old, excessive fluoride would interfere with the maturation of the gums. This will lead to fluorosis of the gums, so the gums will bleed more easily. Therefore, children under the age of 4 years recommended using toothpaste / toothpaste. Parents also need to advise children not to swallow the toothpaste / toothpaste when brushing your teeth. Children often swallow toothpaste when not supervised by an adult because of the flavor and fragrance of the highlights of toothpaste / toothpaste.

Role of Fluoride in Dentistry and dosage
Fluoride helps strengthen the weak teeth or cavities. This happens because the fluoride stimulates the remineralization process in the tooth. Children under 6 years of age are advised to use toothpaste / toothpaste for corn alone.

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